The characteristics of Dragflow sludge and slurry pumps

The characteristics of Dragflow sludge and slurry pumps

The submerged sludge pumps ensure optimal performance in the dredging of complex mixtures of liquids and solid materials. They offer a cost-effective solution for pumping sludge from processing sites, so to operate efficiently and safely.
The special characteristics of the immersion sludge pumps make this equipment perfect for the industrial and mining sectors.

Components and operation of sludge pumps

A sludge pump is a special equipment that is more robust and resistant than submerged pumps for liquids, as they are subject to greater wear and tear. The best option in these contexts is a submerged centrifugal pump, capable of operating with a continuous flow and handling abrasive sludge and heavy mixtures.
The pump sucks the sludge and through the agitator that lifts the sediments increases the amount of material during the extraction and pumping operations. The pump drive can be electric or hydraulic, in the latter case with the motor being directly coupled to the main shaft of the pump.
The motor can be equipped with a cooling jacket, if it is intended to operate in semi-submerged or dry mode for long periods, with insulation for submerged application and the possibility of including humidity and temperature sensors. The impeller is made with a high chromium content to increase abrasion resistance.
An important element is the shaft assembly, to transmit the rotary movement from the motor to the impeller, while the bearings reduce vibrations and pump displacement. The sleeve, on the other hand, protects the shaft and is made of abrasion-resistant material, with special seals that prevent sludge from leaking to protect the shaft and the bearings.

Benefits and applications of sludge pumps

Dragflow is the world leader in submerged sludge pumps, with a wide choice of electric and hydraulic models for every type of application. These machines are capable of handling up to 70% solids by weight, offer high abrasion resistance and high efficiency in lifting complex mixtures such as bentonite sludge.
The advanced features of Dragflow pumps make it possible to speed up working times and reduce costs for customers, making the entire process more efficient and safer. It is also possible to request customised solutions for any application need, thanks to the wide range of models and the unique versatility of Dragflow sludge pumps.

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