The advantages of customized dredging solutions and dredging pumps

The advantages of customized dredging solutions and dredging pumps

The most complex dredging activities often require a preliminary study and an in-depth analysis of the working conditions that lead to the sizing and selection of the most suitable dredging pumps for the type of application, as well as customised solutions in some circumstances.
In this way, Dragflow is able to offer dredging solutions, also customised, to respond to most needs, even for particularly difficult or niche applications.

Dragflow's customised dredging solutions

The Dragflow submersible pumps, equipped with a agitator placed at the base of the filter, are envisaged and designed for the pumping of charged and abrasive mixtures. They are ideal for pumping activities in multiple application areas: industrial, mining and dredging and can be customised with a wide range of solutions and accessories.
Dragflow submersible pumps are available in both electric and hydraulic versions, to meet all customer needs, and can be integrated with special accessories to optimise their excellence performance and maximise the effectiveness of dredging pumps in dredging operations on very compact seabeds.
These pumps can be integrated with two side excavators, both electric and hydraulic, or with a milling head, equipped with standard and interchangeable teeth to optimise maintenance costs.
In applications with clayey material, it is useful to use a jet ring to be used individually or in addition to disruptors; it is a pressurised water jet system, with capacities up to 200 m³/h and 6-7 bar pressure.
Alternatively, in the presence of sediments contaminated by chemicals, bacteria, hydrocarbons or metals, combine an anti-turbidity bell with the pump.
The construction characteristics of the equipment allow both pumps and disruptors to be able to work at high depths.

Customising dredges for complex applications

In addition to customising the dredging pumps, Dragflow can create different types of dredgers to meet every application need related to dredging activities.
Dragflow dredgers can be made in the version consisting of modular pontoons, with parking winches for handling and with the dredging pump managed by rope, with the possibility of reaching high depths (even up to 300 m) without changing the size of the dredger. They can also be equipped with a motorised hose reel with umbilical cord.
Alternatively, they can be made in the amphibious version, with the dredging pumps mounted on a rigid arm and with the possibility of moving autonomously also on land.
All dredges can be customised with the addition of an aft foot for autonomous handling and stabiliser bars, to anchor to the bottom, if in shallow water.
If necessary, in applications where the delivery distance of the dredged material is particularly wide, a booster can be added.
Finally, they can be implemented with advanced systems for monitoring dredging activities, which allow them to be controlled by the operators on board as well as by remote operators though GPS systems, with complete remote management and control of the dredger.

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