Types and operation of dredging heads for dredging activities

Types and operation of dredging heads for dredging activities

Dredging heads are useful and effective equipment for the most complex dredging activities. These systems make it possible to increase the efficiency of dredging, particularly in the presence of compact and hard materials.

The types of Dragflow dredging heads

Dragflow offers different types of dredging heads. For use with hydraulic dredging pumps, a hydraulic dredging head can be used, which is a custom-designed system that can also be combined with the agitator to further increase the amount of solid.
The DTM50 model offers a torque of 4.9 KNm, 6 blades and 18 teeth, with a 16.7 kW hydraulic motor and a rotation speed of 30 RPM.
For the most demanding applications, you can choose the DTM400 dredging head, with a torque of 9.1 KNm, 8 blades and 43 teeth. The 2500 cc hydraulic motor provides a power of 52 kW, with a rotation speed of 50 RPM and the support of a maximum pressure of 250 bar.
Depending on the context, you can opt for an electric or hydraulic dredging milling cutter. They are equipped with robust motors that ensure high torque and long life, with milling cutters designed to operate up to 250 metres deep via a steel cable.

Customised Dragflow dredging heads for custom projects

Dragflow offers tailor-made dredging heads, state-of-the-art systems for the most demanding and complex dredging activities able to meet every need.
Our dredging heads can be customised to meet any application need, designing the dredging head by customising the profile, size, number and dimensions of the teeth and their inclination.

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