How equipment rental for dredging works and when it is convenient

How equipment rental for dredging works and when it is convenient

The rental of dredge equipment is a versatile and efficient solution, ideal for companies that want to take advantage of the best technologies and optimise costs.
Renting pumps and dredgers makes it possible to use equipment that is always ready and checked, without committing economically to the purchase of the material, but only for the duration of the work. Dragflow offers for each application the most suitable solutions for each project and activity.

How to rent dredge equipment with Dragflow

With Dragflow, you can take advantage of an efficient dredge equipment rental service through the Dewatering Service business unit, a point of reference in the sector that provides high quality pumps and pumping systems as well as professional assistance and consulting services.
It is a simple and convenient service, with the support of a team of experts who can identify the best materials and tools for every need. The equipment is carefully chosen according to the type of work to be carried out, ensuring the maximum usefulness and effectiveness of the products rented for dredging and pumping activities.
Dewatering Service assists the customer starting from the shipment of the material to the requested place, offering constant support throughout the whole rental period. At the end of the work, Dewatering Service always pays attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the rented machinery.

Dredger equipment for rent

Among the products for dredgers that can be rented are high-performance hydraulic and electric submersible dredging pumps, heavy-duty equipment for pumping mixtures with a high concentration of abrasive solid materials.
Our submersible pumps have a solid throughput capacity of up to 120 mm, a high efficiency agitator capable of creating mixtures up to 70% solid by weight, and electric and hydraulic motors designed for heavy duty applications. They are made with quality metalwork, with humidity and temperature sensors for additional protection.
It is also possible to rent submersible pumps for construction sites for the management of wastewater or the removal of mixtures accumulated in the basins of industrial sites, or motor pumps for sewer bypass and high head motor pumps, including the TSURUMI submersible electric pumps of the LH series with high head, and the GSZ series with high flow.
You can also rent complete dredging systems, such as remote-controlled mini-dredgers that can be managed remotely for the most complex uses and hazardous environments. With Dragflow's Dewatering Service, you can count on a team of professionals to find the best solution for each application, with the guarantee of an efficient, informed and safe rental service.

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