How lake and pond dredging works

How lake and pond dredging works

The dredging of lakes and ponds is an essential activity for the maintenance of these water reservoirs, as well as to remove sediments and contaminants that may compromise their capacity. Suitable dredgers and dredging pumps are used, so to operate efficiently and safely in any context.
Among the aspects to be evaluated, there are the size of the basins in which to intervene, the type of dredging operations to be carried out, and the depth of the seabed to be dredged. To choose the right equipment, the specific aspects of each project must be carefully analysed to obtain the best balance between quality and dredging costs.

Dredges and pumps for dredging ponds and lakes

Ponds and lakes must be dredged periodically depending on their use, especially when they are used as settling basins, water reserves of hydroelectric plants or it is necessary to contain silt sediments and contaminants on the seabed to ensure navigability.
In these cases, it is necessary to choose suitable dredgers and dredging pumps. An optimal solution is provided by submersible pumps, able to collect sediments from the bottom and remove even the most difficult aggregates to extract and transport them elsewhere, through the mixing of liquids and solids and, if necessary, the support of turbidity control systems to increase the precision of the dredging project.
Electric submersible pumps offer excellent performance and high abrasion resistance. They are reliable machines with a wide range of power, head and capacity to choose from. Submersible hydraulic pumps are versatile and powerful devices, able to cover a wide range of dredging projects thanks to the flexibility of hydraulic motors.
For the dredging of lakes and ponds, it is possible to resort to radio-controlled dredgers — machines that offer high performance against small dimensions. It is possible to control the entire dredging unit remotely, automating operations to increase efficiency and safety while reducing costs, with application even in complex and burdensome contexts such as mining ponds.
It is a true concentrate of technology, characterised by its small size, maximum ease of assembly and high ease of remote manoeuvrability, with dedicated software for monitoring dredgers and dredging operations.

Dragflow solutions for dredging lakes and ponds

Dragflow offers a complete range of solutions for dredging lakes and ponds, with cutting-edge technologies and reliable machinery with exceptional performance in all dredging conditions.
Dragflow electric and hydraulic submersible pumps, equipped with an agitator for charged and abrasive mixtures capable of ensuring unbeatable resistance, can pump mixtures up to 70% solid by weight.
Our submerged pumps can also mount various accessories designed specifically for this type of operation, such as cutters for aquatic plants for cleaning difficult seabeds, rings for high-pressure water jets and milling heads for the most compact soils.

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