How to dredge rivers and canals efficiently

How to dredge rivers and canals efficiently

Dredgers and dredging pumps are essential machinery for the construction, modification and maintenance of rivers and canals. They are used to create or restore the navigability of waterways, or to maintain their depth and ensure the transport of goods and passengers, remove contaminants from the bottom and restore river banks.
Dredgers and dredging pumps allow these activities to be carried out in an efficient and economically sustainable manner. However, it is important to choose the right equipment for each application, taking into account the specific needs of each project.

Dredgers and pumps for dredging rivers and canals

A perfect solution for dredging rivers and canals is the use of telescopic boom dredgers, which guarantee maximum precision and optimal control. They can be used in dredging operations that require the observance of a precise depth. They can also remove a certain polluted layer from the bottom by treating it with specific drainage systems.
For dredging operations on very compact terrain, it is possible to resort to cable dredgers, which can reach everywhere thanks to their high ease of assembly. These particular machines are powerful and versatile, they can mount hydraulic or electric dredging pumps and also remove difficult sediments and work at high depths.
In the most complex contexts, it is possible to use an amphibious dredger, a tracked and floating vehicle capable of moving easily between water and solid or muddy soils. Thanks to the integration with high-efficiency pumps, these machines are able to pump even the most difficult mixtures with high solid concentration by weight.
As for dredging pumps, it is possible to choose from a wide range of electric or hydraulic submersible units. These are versatile tools, which can be fixed to the arm of an excavator and use its hydraulics, suspended from a crane or mounted on a frame, with the possibility of combining cutting heads and high-pressure water jets for the most complex and compact soils.

The advantages of Dragflow dredgers and pumps for river dredging

Dragflow provides cutting-edge solutions for the dredging of rivers and canals, to take advantage of the best technology and face every operation safely. It is possible to choose between different types of dredgers with electric or diesel power, with smaller or bigger machinery depending on the application needs.
Dredgers can mount high-efficiency electric or hydraulic pumps with a wide range of power and capacity, ensuring maximum versatility and efficiency in any river dredging activity. There are dredges for rivers and canals with operator cab or radio remote control, amphibious dredges for the most demanding contexts, and cable dredges capable of removing even the most difficult sediments.

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