Hydraulic power units and boosters: functions and features

Hydraulic power units and boosters: functions and features

In some cases, dredging operations require a very long DISCHARGE distance, an aspect that involves longer times and increased costs. However, it is possible to use a hydraulic control unit with boosters.
Dragflow submersible dredging pumps can be combined with booster pumps and hydraulic control units. In this way, it is possible to cover a higher discharge distance and keep production high.

The characteristics of booster pumps with hydraulic control units

The hydraulic control units (power packs) are used to operate the pumps and operate in dredging activities over long distances. They can have an electric motor or diesel combustion engine, a special fuel tank, a sturdy base, a control panel and variable flow rate oil pumps.
Power packs can be customised according to operational needs through a series of dedicated accessories. For example, it is possible to prepare the hydraulic control units for the operation of winches or additional auxiliary services, or to request remote controls, radio controls or the soundproofing of the power pack.
Boosters, on the other hand, add more pressure to the pumping system, ensuring efficient flow even over long discharge distances and avoiding the risk of cavitation, i.e. the formation of steam zones inside the fluid that can cause the danger of implosions.

Why choose Dragflow hydraulic power units and boosters?

Hydraulic power units and boosters are an ideal solution for dredging operations that require the coverage of long distances. Booster stations and power packs are specially designed to ensure maximum productivity, even when the dredging area and the discharge area are very far apart.
These are equipment made and tested by Dragflow, which therefore ensure the best performance and maximum reliability even in harsh environments. In addition, hydraulic power units and boosters are provided with the supervision and training of an experienced technician.
Power packs and boosters make it possible to cover a distance from 1 to 2 km, various power ranges from 187 kW to 1800 RPM, and a capacity from 500 to 4,000 m³/h. Among the main features, there is the possibility of choosing between the standard or mechanical seal, or an optional flow meter, density meter and remote control.

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