Submersible pumps for dredging: features and applications

Submersible pumps for dredging: features and applications

Submersible pumps for dredging are indispensable devices in many application areas, from the maintenance of hydroelectric basins and ports to the development of river networks and inland waterways.
The characteristics of Dragflow submersible pumps are specifically defined for use in demanding environments, such as in the presence of sewage, sludge, sand and other aggregates, ensuring high resistance and excellent performance in terms of safety and efficiency.

How dredging submersible pumps work

An submersible pump for dredging is first of all equipped with a built-in agitator for charged and abrasive mixtures, which is an essential component for lifting and transporting the dredged solid material away from the processing site.
Submersible pumps can be either electric or hydraulic. Submersible electric pumps have a low rotation rate and can also operate in high acid environments. Submersible hydraulic pumps can be mounted on excavators, and they are also able to cover a very large working area.
Both electric and hydraulic dredging submersible pumps offer high abrasion resistance, a wide choice of accessories to customise the system according to specific work needs, and are capable of treating material up to 70% solid by weight.

The advantages of submersible pumps for dredging operations

Dragflow submersible pumps are used in the most difficult environments in the world. These pumps are able to break up and collect sediments within a high density mixture with a high specific gravity, thanks to powerful water jets and optional cutting heads.
Submersible pumps ensure a long life of the components, a wide power range for every dredging need, and exceptional reliability even in complex environments and harsh situations. They can handle solids up to 120 mm, maintain high performance even for long times and operate at great depths.
There are also many accessories available for various dredging applications, from high chromium volute liners to temperature and humidity sensors. The unique characteristics of Dragflow submersible pumps guarantee the best performance in all conditions of use, reducing operating costs and maximising efficiency.

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