Beach nourishment with electric pumps


Beach nourishment with electric pumps

Some electric pumps were used in two different Italian areas: Forte Village (Sardinia) and the coast of Monopoli (Puglia), where they carried out beach nourishment works.


Coastal erosion is a widespread problem all around the world. Extreme weather, rise in the sea level and wrong infrastructural interventions on the coastlines are among the more common causes for this phenomenon. In the touristic areas, the progressive disappearance of beaches is impacting negatively on the economic  perspectives; therefore, both private than public actors are searching for solutions to contrast this process.


Dragflow can provide an useful and environmentally respectful technology to fight coastal erosion. We used our EL12.5 pumps in two different areas from Italy: Forte Village (Sardinia) and Monopoli (Apulia), two beautiful and well known touristic places. In both cases, the pumps were placed quite far from the coastline (100-150 m), and pumped the sand in the requested area thanks to a pipeline; the reclamation was performed during the night so as not to disturb people on holiday in the daytime.

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