Dredging a dam with a hydraulic pump


Dredging a dam with a hydraulic pump

The suggestive Val di Vizze, nestled in the mountains of Trentino Alto Adige, is the scenario where a dredging operation takes place carried out with a hydraulic pump HY85/160 HC.


The dam on river Vizze, built back in 1927, it forms a small lake known as Lago di Novale. The constant supply of debris from the watercourse causes an accumulation of sediment at the base of the dam. The customer’s need was to be able to remove 35000 cubic meters of material in a simple and effective way to contrast the phenomenon and keep the capacity of the small basin controlled.


Given the limited depth and the reduced dimensions of the building, the solution identified consists in mounting a HY85/160 HC pumps on a mechanical arm positioned directly on the dam. The pump, moved by the arm, is able to operate on the whole surface of the dam, effectively removing the sediments. The discharge pipe leads the material into a storage tank located 400 meters away.


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