Dredging a lake with a DRSP amphibious dredge


Dredging a lake with a DRSP amphibious dredge

It is a shallow basin (+/- 5m) serving a hydroelectric basin.


In this basin, regular maintenance must be done through a machine that is flexible and can move easily in the different areas, even with very low depths. Environmental restrictions are very strong.


Dragflow supplied amphibious dredge, capable to perform operations in shallow draft areas.Thanks to its mobility and low draught, the amphibious multipurpose dredge DRSP can operate in all conditions where a regular dredge couldn’t be used. It can fit different dredging works with different attachments on the main arm, such as buckets or rakes.

This version of DRSP is electric and the hydraulic system is based on biodegradable oil for the high Ambiental restriction of project. The working arm has a large swing angle thanks to the stability of the dredge enhanced by two side stabilizers. This DRSP is equipped with a HY85/160 hydraulic pump with DTM dredging head. It is able to reach a long discharge distance and high disintegration capacity.

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