DRP and acid-proof pumps in power plant


DRP and acid-proof pumps in power plant

A DRP radio-controlled dredge equipped with acid proof pumps was chosen to work in the water intake basins of the largest Egyptian power plant (Burullus power station), a 4800 MW “monster” of combined cycle production.


In the industrial sector it is often necessary to empty lagoons and settling ponds. But very frequently the waters and sludge to be treated are dangerous and can cause a great deal of damage to any equipment if it is not properly protected. This damage presents itself as corrosion and it can quickly affect the proper functioning of the machinery. In the case of the Egyptian power plant, many other solutions had failed precisely for this reason.


For this particular operation, all components in contact with the water, or exposed to the atmosphere, have been protected for with C5M corrosion class coating (the highest corrosion class in the ISO 12944 normative) and some critical components were made in Super Duplex steel for an extreme reliability even in this type of applications. Thanks to these measures, the equipment supplied proved to be perfectly adapted to work in a very corrosive environment, while maintaining the expected production capacity.


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