DRP for dredging a marina


DRP for dredging a marina

Harbor dredging becomes fundamental when the accumulation of sediments compromises its capacity. Dragflow has supplied a DRP18 remote control dredge to the tourist port of Montenero di Bisaccia, in the province of Campobasso, recently renovated and modernized.


Due to the movement of the currents, which originated following the positioning of a dam facing the beach, an over-sedimentation of sandy material originated from the surrounding coast along the access to the inner harbor. This cover-up raised the level of the seabed in the area next to the breakwater invasively and frequently, creating difficulties for boats to access. The project plans to regularly check the level of the seabed in front of the breakwater, transferring the material at a distance of approximately 150 m.


Dragflow supplied a remote controlled dredge DRP18, with a dredging pump EL12.5 S, for the production of 70 m³/h of mixture at the working conditions required by the client. Thanks to this solution, once the intervention area has been fixed, the operator can safely operate from the dock, using a radio control. The monitoring tools allow to control both the movement of the dredger (managed by 2 winches) and that of the pump, also being able to intervene on the depth of action. It is also possible to check the pump’s working parameters at each stage of the work.

The dredger is easy to use, simple to transport and assemble thanks to its small size. The pilot test gave the expected results: the choice of the Port of Marina Sveva was to independently equip itself with a Dragflow dredging system, with low costs, so as to avoid interventions over time external by digger and bucket, expensive and frequent.


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