DRP for dredging in the mining basin


DRP for dredging in the mining basin

RWE, an important mining company, contacted us for a dredging activity at an open-cast coal mine. The request was to have a safe and reliable machinery capable of removing sediment from three basins in which all the rainwater from the mine and the water used by the various machinery is conveyed.


The previously installed draining pumps were in fact unable to remove the solid material present, thus causing a constant reduction in the useful capacity of the basins. The system had to be operable remotely, through a radio control, and capable of dredging the sedimented material on the bottom, fine and compact.


Dragflow supplied a remote controlled dredge DRP120 equipped with a high head EL1204 HH pump. For the effective removal of sediments, two EXEL20 side electric excavators and a jet-ring were used which, through water under pressure, allows to better mix the fine solid component. The pump and excavator dredging system is capable of pumping 150 m³/h at a distance of 200 m, overcoming a difference in height of 60 m, to unload the material on a conveyor belt that relocates the sediments to a dedicated area of the mine.

For the movement of the dredge inside the mine it was necessary to maintain the maximum width within 4 m. The resulting system is particularly small and light, when compared to the installed power and the performance provided, however it can be transported in containers as it consists of 3 modular modular floats. It is possible to operate continuously only with an operator at a safe distance. The customer was satisfied with the system provided and the progress of the dredging activity of the mining basins.