Gold mining with a complete dredging system


Gold mining with a complete dredging system

Gold mining in Guyana has been practiced since the 19th century. Most of the precious mineral is extracted directly in the rocks or in the river beds.


The customer looked for a complete equipment capable of removing heavy material (a mixture of silt, sand and gravel up to 60 mm).


We provided complete equipment: hydraulic pontoon, hydraulic pump HY85, and two side cutters EXHY20, complete with umbilical and hydraulic spooler. Then we assisted the end user in the following steps: assembly of the complete pontoon, spooler and oil hoses umbilical; dry test of all the machines; check of the right working parameters of the diesel power pack and hydraulic spooler. After another test in water without discharge pipe, we proceeded with the connection of discharge hose and beginning of actual operations.


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