Nourishment with dredging pumps


Nourishment with dredging pumps

Last February, Puglia was hit by a sudden and violent storm. Impressive waves, driven by the strong wind, hit the coast of the Adriatic region causing considerable damage.


In Monopoli the iconic beach of the historic center (Cala Porta Vecchia) has literally vanished, obliterated by the terrible storm. A loss with a strong symbolic value because here, on this strip of sand, weddings and ceremonies are also held. Surrounded by the village of immaculate houses, Cala Porta Vecchia is an integral part of city life and has always represented a characteristic foreshortening for the inhabitants and tourists. The institutions quickly moved to remedy the incident, indicating a tender that was awarded to EPC Srl – Engineering Planning Construction. The company has proposed a quick and effective solution to recover the beach destroyed by the storm.


The Jet Squid float unit equipped with a Dragflow EL35 electric pump was able to bring back the right amount of sand. The work took place in just 6 nights at a distance between 150 and 200 meters from the shore. In a short time the beach was restored. The Monopoli nourishment will be monitored within the STIMARE Research Project – Innovative Strategies for Monitoring and Analysis of Erosion Risk. The hope is that the positive example of this work of high public value can also be replicated in other areas of the Italian coast, where increasingly extreme weather phenomena put at risk the delicate balance between land and sea.


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