Sediment dredging in a phosphate plant


Sediment dredging in a phosphate plant

Dragflow pumps and systems can be used not only for dredging sediments but also to improve the efficiency of the production cycle. Dragflow delivered two remote-controlled dredgers DRP120 and five submersible pumps for pumping heavy mixtures (EL300, EL604, EL60, EL25) to the largest phosphate mining company in Morocco.


The customer was looking for an effective solution to pump the phosphate minerals already processed to the plant to reprocess them; in addition, it was necessary to carry out a continuous sediment dredging to maintain a good reservoir capacity.


The two DRP120 electric dredges work inside two process water discharge basins and are both equipped with a 400 m³/h EL1204 dredging pump and a jet-ring system with high pressure water jets to break the compact material sedimented and increase the overall efficiency of the process. The proposed solution has proved to be the most reliable thanks to its small size, ease of use and robustness: characteristics of Dragflow pumps recognized worldwide. The sludge transport system from the basins to the plant begins with dredgers and also includes three other submersible Dragflow pumps including an EL300 with a capacity of 720 m³/h.

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