Dragflow amphibious dredges can work in the presence of water and on any ground, solid or muddy; they guarantee power and effectiveness in any environment.

Dragflow's DRM and DRSP series amphibious dredges are multi-purpose machines of the latest generation, offering high performance even in the most complex and demanding dredging operations.

The modular design simplifies transport operations, making it easy to move to hard-to-reach dredging locations such as swampy projects. The Dragflow DRM and DRSP amphibious dredgers are powerful and effective machines on any terrain, unbeatable in terms of durability and operational efficiency.

The characteristics of the amphibious dredges of the DRM and DRSP series

Dragflow amphibious dredges offer a pumping capacity of up to 600-800 m³/h, with a material transport distance of up to 1,500 meters from the dredging site. These machines are compatible with installing Dragflow dredging pumps, with the possibility of mounting specific accessories such as dredging heads, side excavators, and excavation buckets with or without teeth, rake, or clamshell.

These dredgers can move quickly on the ground like a regular earth-moving machine, thanks to the presence of two lateral crawler floats. For dredging operations on liquid surfaces, all you need to do is mount a central float, a component that gives the machine high stability when it floats in the water.

The applications and advantages of Dragflow amphibious dredges

The Dragflow amphibious dredges of the DRM and DRSP series allow you to perform complex dredging tasks with maximum productivity, with unbeatable performance in terms of efficiency. They are ideal machines for cleaning marshy basins and recovering mining residues in areas that are difficult to access, with optimal use wherever high operational mobility is required.

Dragflow amphibious dredges are perfect for mining basin dredging, for example, for the removal of sediment in copper mines or complex dredging in rivers and lakes. They are successfully used in areas with reduced depths, even with stringent environmental restrictions, thanks to the reduced draft, the electric motor, and the hydraulic system that can be fed with biodegradable oil.

Available in two versions (DRM and DRSP), the amphibious dredgers can mount pumps with excavators and other accessories, such as the dredging head. Their extreme versatility makes them capable of dealing with contexts that would require the purchase of numerous machines. With a single dredge, modular and easy to transport, even dredging in marshy areas becomes possible!