Amphibious dredge

The DRSP is an amphibious dredge at the forefront of dredging technology. Exceptional mobility and stability ensure accessibility in the most remote locations. The multipurpose dredge has a remarkable dredging pump with a discharge diameter of up to 250 mm (10 inches) and a discharge distance of up to 1500 meters.

Main characteristics

  1. Excellent stability and buoyancy in different environments.
  2. Independent propulsion system in water.
  3. Dredging up to 6.7 meters deep.

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  • Weight

    35000 kg
  • Draft

    0.66 m
  • Length

    10.5 m
  • Length

    6.4 m
  • Height

    3.4 m
  • Engine

    Diesel 265 kW
  • Tank

    1200 l