Aquatic harvesters are key waterway maintenance machines designed specifically to keep waterways clean and navigable. Dragflow, a world leader in dredging equipment and pumping solutions, is offering the new Aquatic Harvesters machines created in partnership with Henning Marine.

These are the latest generation of aquatic maintenance equipment, built with the best technologies available on the market to tackle even the most complex and demanding challenges. The Aquatic Harvesters are ideal for fighting water pollution, thanks to the ability to carry out waterway maintenance work without the use of chemicals.

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Dragflow's machines for aquatic waste harvesting

First and foremost, in the Dragflow’s range of aquatic harvesters is the DRW-F model, an innovative vessel for waterway management and waste collection. This machine has a modular design, with a stainless steel hull and aluminum frame offering maximum stability, with excellent performance, two-way controls and the vertical lift propeller system for navigating shallow water.

On the other hand, the DRW-A machine is an aluminum-framed catamaran equipped with recessed horizontal blades to prevent weed loss and a cab that offers a 360-degree view for the operator. It is a waste picker with helical propellers suitable for heavy-duty use, with a low-noise engine and low maintenance costs for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Waterway maintenance without chemicals

Dragflow's Aquatic Harvesters are advanced machines for removing pollutants from the deep layers of waterways to avoid the use of chemicals that reduce oxygen concentration causing fish death and also compromising aquatic flora. They are machines for collecting weeds and plants achieving efficient maintenance of navigable waterways.

Dragflow Aquatic Harvesters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offer high operational performance, and reduce environmental impact in waterway management. Aquatic Harvesters provide a high level of mobility, have an efficient hydraulic propulsion system, and ensure perfect maneuverability even in tight spaces.