Dragflow cable dredges of the DRH series are powerful, effective, and versatile machines, available in different versions and compatible with different types of Dragflow hydraulic pumps. These are small-sized dredgers with a high dredging depth, which can dredge up to over 200 meters deep.

Thanks to their high maneuverability and advanced control systems, DRH dredges are ideal for dredging operations in difficult-to-access places, such as mining basins and artificial reservoirs.They are dredgers that are easy to transport and assemble, characteristics that make them able to reach even the most remote places.

The characteristics of DRH cable dredges

Dragflow DRH cable dredgers are equipped with a diesel or electric motor, with a total power ranging from 175 kW up to a maximum of 780 kW. The self-propelled propulsion system guarantees excellent performance even in difficult operating conditions, with a diameter of the mixture pipe from 200 to 400 mm and a flow rate from 300 to 4,000 m³/h.

Dragflow's DRH cable dredges can be operated by a single operator safely and efficiently through new generation control systems according to each application type's needs. The assembly takes just a few hours, with low travel costs and the possibility of assembling the dredgers in any operating context.

Dragflow cable dredges applications

The DRH cable dredge is an easy-to-use piece of equipment suitable for deep dredging, a machine that offers the best possible compromise between performance and initial costs. They are ideal dredgers for use in marinas for periodic maintenance operations, or for operations in mining basins inside settling tanks, or for dredging dams.

DRH Dragflow Cable Dredges can operate at various depths, even with heavy-duty liquids or in the presence of low pH, for example, waste residue management activities. They are robust and versatile dredges, compatible with various accessories such as the dredging head or side excavators, with a comfortable operator's cab equipped with sophisticated controls and all comforts.