DRP radio-controlled dredges are the ideal solution for all situations where it is necessary to safeguard the health of the operators. Dragflow's remote-controlled dredges are available in different versions and can be equipped with a wide range of electric pumps.

The remote management of the dredges guarantees maximum operator safety, especially in industrial or mining sector dredging activities due to the presence of corrosive or acidic substances. The radio-controlled DRP dredges can be easily transported to the dredging site, with quick and easy assembly compared to larger dredges.

The characteristics of DRP remote-controlled dredges

Remote-controlled DRP dredges are machines with small dimensions, an efficient electric propulsion system, and a wireless remote control. The presence of human operators on the barge is unnecessary, with the possibility of monitoring the dredging operations remotely by integrating a GPS for satellite tracking.

The DRPs have a reduced draft, and an ultra-compact design to ensure maximum accessibility even within narrow and shallow basins where operating with larger dredges is impossible. They can mount a wide range of Dragflow pumps and are available in different versions, with endless customization options and a capacity of up to 1,000 m³/h.

Applications and benefits of Dragflow remote-controlled dredges

Dragflow's DRP remote-controlled dredges can work in shallow waters and are easily maneuverable from a distance thanks to the remote control and a series of simple and intuitive controls to efficiently operate both the dredge and the pump and all the accessories from a distance. They have advanced detection tools such as a hydrometer, turbidity meter, line voltage monitoring, and pump tilt control.

DRP dredges allow you to automate the movements of the dredging pump, monitor the history of the works from a special control panel and take advantage of remote assistance for remote maintenance. They can be customized with GPS, jet ring system, security cameras, and position lights, choosing the most suitable accessories based on the activities to be carried out and the project's needs.

The radio-controlled dredges are also available in the automated variant: thanks to convenient software, it is possible to operate the dredge remotely and check its operating status in real time.