Dragflow’s DRF mini dredgers are versatile and cost effective. They are a dedicated solution to meet the needs of those who need dredgers easy to transport and assemble, with small pontoons so they can move even in tight spaces and have a low operating cost. They are small but effective dredgers, with several models to choose from to suit any dredging needs.

The DRF mini dredgers can be equipped with pumps up to the Dragflow EL35 model, with a wide range of customizations and a structure that can be fully disassembled. They have a shallow draft to operate even in shallow water, with high performance despite their small size.

DRF mini dredgers features

The DRF series of Dragflow’s small dredgers features floating polyethylene cubes, capable of ensuring high stability with buoyancy of 350 kg/m². They are equipped with a dedicated electrical panel, an electric winch to accurately move the pump and winches to move the dredger, with optional radio remote control to manage the pump, dredger and emergency stop of the machine.

They are compact in size with a length and width of 1.5 to 2.5 meters and a height of 1.2 to 2.1 meters, a low weight of 250 to 1,500 kg including pump, a modular design, and a draft of 0.11 to 0.40 meters. DRF mini dredgers have an efficient power supply system, with power from 26 to 70 kW to ensure maximum performance in dredging operations.

Applications and advantages of Dragflow’s mini dredges

DRF Dragflow dredges are the best solution where large dredges cannot be used, to optimize dredging activities and handle even heavy and difficult situations. They can be customized according to customer requirements, resulting in a machine that is perfectly aligned with the specific dredging needs of each environment.

The DRF series includes the DRF10, DRF30, DRF50 and DRF80 models, which are ideal for companies that need ultra-compact dredgers at low cost of purchase, operation and maintenance. In combination with Dragflow’s dredging pumps, they offer optimal dredging performance in multiple applications and especially in operations requiring high solid concentrations.