Dragflow's state-of-the-art solutions for dredging and drainage operations are ideal for multiple applications. Our integrated systems are specially designed to ensure the best performance in every application, even in the most demanding scenarios.

From port maintenance to beach replenishment, Dragflow's products and technologies are perfectly suited to every industry. Our pumps and submersible and dredging systems can be used in both offshore and onshore operations, including coastal, port, river, lake and land applications.

Dragflow products and their industrial applications

Submersible agitator pumps designed for heavy duty and Dragflow’s complete dredging systems have countless industrial applications. Our products can be used for industrial waste pumping, safely and efficiently carrying out a variety of complex tasks such as the extraction of slag, sludge, and tar and oil residues.

Dragflow’s systems can be used in thermal power plants for waste ash treatment, or in construction and public works for dredging and drainage operations. Our technologies can also be used in the area of wastewater management, marble dust and inert sludge from industrial washing processes.

Dredging, mining and off-shore activities

Through Dragflow's advanced pumps and systems, it is possible to carry out demanding dredging operations in ports and marinas, both for extraordinary and ordinary maintenance of port facilities. Extraction and transport of sand and gravel, reclamation of beaches, rivers, lakes, and lagoons, and the dredging of dams and reservoirs can also be carried out.

Dragflow’s machinery ensures optimal performance in mining and during the reclamation of sterile effluents, the cleaning of settling tanks, and the extraction of minerals, sand, and coal. Our devices are also suitable for offshore operations, ranging from the emptying of caissons and bulkheads to the ecological restoration of compromised marine ecosystems.