Dragflow provides advanced systems for dredging activities, with a selection of state-of-the-art dredgers and pumps that offer the best compromise between durability and performance.

Dredging operations are critical to the development of society and economic growth, as they keep port networks efficient at all times, ensure the productivity of dams, and create new safe waterways for navigation and cargo transport.

Dragflow's state-of-the-art dredging systems and advanced submersible pumps offer the best technologies available on the market, with many possible applications to handle the most challenging dredging projects efficiently, safely and quickly. 

Dredging for sand and gravel extraction

Dragflow’s pumps and dredgers are the ideal solution for increasing productivity in sand, gravel and other aggregate production activities, thanks to innovative technologies that reduce operating costs. Our systems are efficient and compact, with the ability to pump up to 4,000 cubic meters per hour of mix with solid concentrations of up to 60% by weight.

Maintaining commercial ports and tourist marinas

Dragflow dredging pumps can be installed on excavating machines to carry out routine maintenance operations in harbors, accurately and efficiently. Our dredging systems are also suitable for maintenance in marinas, to remove sediment below vessels without moving moored vessels.

Beach replenishment

Among the many applications of Dragflow pumps are beach replenishment operations that are essential to counter erosion and ensure coastal protection. Sand can be recovered from anywhere offshore using our machinery, thanks to the ability of our pumps to operate at any depth.

Maintenance of dams and reservoirs

Hydropower plants are critical for the green transition and energy security, but they require constant maintenance of dams and reservoirs. Dragflow technologies, such as hydraulic and electric pumps and DRH dredgers, allow for optimal high-depth dredging, minimizing operating costs and reducing environmental impact.

Barge unloading operations

Through Dragflow pumps, barge unloading operations can be simplified by breaking up the compacted material on the hopper and diluting it to facilitate its transfer to the final disposal area. This facilitates dredging processes, particularly operations that require loading dredged material onto a hopper barge prior to its delivery to the destination site.