Raw materials are fundamental for the global economy. Extraction, processing, and cleaning are complex and expensive activities that require reliable and efficient machines. Dragflow has been producing and designing mine pumps and dredging equipment for years. Our equipment is successfully used by the greatest players in the mining sector.

The range of products for the mining industry includes pumps capable of handling particularly dense and abrasive sludge, versatile and efficient dredgers and everything needed for the creation of complex dredging systems. Thanks to constant research and development, our proposal is continuously enriched with resistant and reliable products, such as acid proof pumps and automated dredgers.

Dredges for reclamation of tailings

Mining operations, regardless of their separation method, produce an incredible amount of solid waste, also known as mining tailings. These tailings are stored in very large tailing dams that need to be properly designed and maintained to avoid safety hazards and keep the plant in optimal operation conditions.

Dragflow has been providing custom solutions to the mining sector to manage their tailings for over 30 years. Being able to reclaim the tailings as a continuous influx of high solid concentration slurry provides a world of options to the mines. The tailings can be used for reprocessing in order to obtain further value from the minerals, it can also be used for backfilling in paste plants to shut underground mine tunnels or it can simply be relocated to guarantee the maximum capacity of the tailing dams and safety of the operation as a whole.

Dredging pumps for mill sump clean-up

Ball, rod, and SAG mills are designed with Mill trenches under them to collect any material that falls from the circuit. Besides the raw mineral itself, in these sumps it is possible to find mill balls, rod shards and other hard materials that may fall from the mill. The mill trenches then collect all these solids and require a structured maintenance in order to avoid overfill and loss of operability.

Dragflow electric pumps have been the go-to solution for the mining sector in these cases, replacing the standard loader approach used in the mines, greatly reducing their operational costs, need of operators and project completion time.

Equipment for underground mine shaft clean-up

In underground mines, water drains through the different levels and goes into shaft-bottom dams. These small dams collect the water with all the sediments that it has dragged in from the mine and eventually will require maintenance to restore their capacity.

Dragflow, through its electric submersible pump range has been solving this issue for maintenance managers worldwide. These compact solutions are ideal for these applications since they can fit even in the smallest areas and get it cleaned. The high solid concentration coming from the pump also reduces the operational time and overall costs.

Industrial pumps for corrosive applications

In lixiviation circuits, where acid is used to dissolve valuable minerals and separate them from the gangue or waste, the pH of the application is usually between 2 and 3, or even lower. Besides the acidity, these mixtures also contain abrasive solids remaining from the process, making it a complicated mixture to pump with standard equipment, presenting both abrasion and corrosion components.

Dragflow acid-proof pumps are made in CD3MN duplex stainless steel to provide the best resistance to both risk factors. This duplex alloy has a far better corrosion resistance than the more common CD4MCu. This addition to our range allows us to operate in virtually any application out there.