Dragflow electric dredging pumps are high-performance submersible systems with an agitator, combining maximum versatility with exceptional durability and efficiency. They offer unbeatable features for industrial and mining dredging operations and are also available in an Acid Proof version for high acidity environments.

Our range of electric dredging pumps includes compact, powerful, and durable models, up to large-sized electric pumps for the most demanding applications. All Dragflow electric dredging pumps have an extraordinary dredging capacity, capable of pumping a mixture with up to 70% solids by weight.

Features of Dragflow electric dredging pumps

By choosing our electric dredging pumps, you can benefit from cutting-edge systems equipped with world-class technologies and specifically designed to deliver exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and durability.

These electric pumps for dredging operate at low rotational speeds, feature optimal sealing configuration, and high resistance to abrasion, allowing them to work in complex conditions and effectively handle mixtures of liquids and solids.

Dragflow electric dredging pumps are available in 50 and 60 Hz versions, CE certified, and also available with UL/CSA certification. The larger models reach a capacity of up to 4,000 m³/h, with the ability to pump solids up to 120 mm in size.

Advantages and applications of Dragflow electric dredging pumps

By using Dragflow's electric dredging pumps, it is possible to optimize dredging operations in various application areas, such as beach replenishment, pumping sediments in mining basins, and removing solid residues in water treatment plants.

Our electric dredging systems are compact, versatile, and capable of covering a wide range of capacities and head pressures. We offer small, medium, and large electric dredging pumps, providing numerous solutions for every need and offering a variety of customization options.