Dragflow's hydraulic dredging pumps deliver top performance in dredging operations, offering high resistance even in the most challenging operational contexts and demanding applications.  Their features make them indispensable allies in industrial and mining environments, with exceptional applications in custom projects as well.

By adjusting the speed according to the mixture to be pumped, hydraulic pumps can efficiently cover a wide working area. Our submersible pumps with agitators are the benchmark technology in the market, providing an optimal solution for dredging abrasive and sediment-laden mixtures.

Characteristics of hydraulic dredging pumps

The Dragflow range of hydraulic pumps includes state-of-the-art models for sludge dredging and pumping, ranging from compact and maneuverable devices to larger and more powerful ones. You can choose from numerous models to meet specific needs and activities, with flow rates ranging from 75 to 4,000 m³/h and power ranging from 13 to 475 kW.

Our small hydraulic pumps ensure maximum versatility, can be mounted on an excavator, and deliver excellent results at sustainable costs, thanks to their exceptional performance with the presence of an agitator.

Medium-sized hydraulic pumps have a head pressure of up to 78 meters and a pumping capacity ranging from 75 to 600 m³/h. They can be mounted on DRH series dredges and are also available in High Head and High Capacity versions.

For more complex and demanding applications, there are large-sized hydraulic dredging pumps from Dragflow, high-performance systems with a head pressure of up to 70 meters, pumping capacity ranging from 1,200 to 4,000 m³/h, and power ranging from 220 kW to 475 kW.

Applications and benefits of Dragflow hydraulic pumps

Dragflow's hydraulic dredging pumps are the most durable systems in the industry, innovative and high-value-added technologies for handling rocks, sand, gravel, minerals, and other mixed solid and liquid materials.

Our submersible hydraulic pumps can be integrated into powerful remote-controlled dredges or dredges with operator cabins on board, offering multiple configurations to meet every dredging and pumping need.

They are high-performing and maneuverable units, applicable in various contexts such as cleaning mining basins, removing residues from settling ponds, dredging mining ponds, and maintaining the capacity of water supply reservoirs.