How to restore the capacity of a quarry pond

Sano City, Japan
The problem
An important Japanese quarry company was in trouble: as a result of the stone and sand wash process, their collection pond was almost full of dense mud. Their productive capacity was at risk: they urgently needed to restore the pond’s capacity.
Despite the many requests sent to pump producers, nobody seemed able to solve the problem. Until Tsurumi intervened with an handy solution: why not to ask Dragflow, the Italian manufacturer specialized in heavy duty mining pumps?
Many companies fear to establish a partnership with a firm far away from their headquarters. But here, in Dragflow, we are used to have an international perspective. We can follow our clients in Europe as well as in Asia, Africa or America.
Thanks to our partner and distributor network, we can easily overcome logistic issues and perform quick interventions. And, when it’s needed, we’re ready to perform specific tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of our equipment.
Our solution
Thanks to the support of Tsurumi, our team has flown to Japan, where it installed a powerful hydraulic pump HY85HC and 2 hydraulic excavators EXHY20. When the installation was over, the Japanese company breathed a sigh of relief: the pump was efficiently removing the dense mud accumulated in the pond.
So next time, when you’re facing some difficulty, just call us: we are going to find a proper solution and we’re going to follow you step by step!