Cable dredge in sand and gravel quarry


Cable dredge in sand and gravel quarry

In sand and gravel quarries, the extraction activity can be carried out by dredging systems capable of pumping mixtures with a high quantity of solid. Dragflow has specialized in this type of operation and has provided two different solutions in the quarries of two Baltic countries: Lithuania and Estonia.


Two sand and gravel pits have contacted Dragflow with similar problems. In Lithuania, it was necessary to equip and renovate an existing pontoon, while in Estonia a dredger complete with pump was required to carry out the mining activity faster and more efficiently.


In Lithuania we supplied an EL150 electric pump with electric motor and 120 mm solid handling. With this pump it was possible to obtain a production of solid material up to 400 t/hour. In Estonia, on the other hand, we supplied a DRH400 dredge complete with HY400 hydraulic pump with two side cutters. In this case, the production of solid material was even 500 t/hour.