In addition to a full range of state-of-the-art dredging systems, a dedicated line of dredge accessories can be found among Dragflow's solutions. These are products designed for specific applications to handle each dredging operation safely and efficiently.

Dragflow’s dredge accessories stand out for their high quality, advanced performance, and durability even in the most demanding applications. They are part of the endless customization options offered by Dragflow's comprehensive dredging systems to meet all our customers' needs.

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Dragflow's range of dredge accessories

First and foremost among the Dragflow accessories for dredges is the anti-turbidity bell, which can be attached to the dredging pump to limit and control water turbidity during excavation phases, minimizing possible damage to flora and fauna.

With the hydraulic azimuth thruster, it is possible to ensure optimal propulsion for Dragflow's amphibious dredgers. These powerful and stable tracked floating vehicles can operate efficiently on liquid surfaces.

The booster stations in the Dragflow range of products can optimize productivity even over long distances, with several sizes to choose from to facilitate the transport of materials away from the dredging point.

Also available in the accessory line are dredge winches with standard lengths of 50 meters or variants of 133 and 211 meters, reels for recalling hydraulic oil hoses, or outriggers moved by hydraulic winches and kicker spuds for handling dredges in shallow water.

Dredge accessories: quality, efficiency and customization

Dragflow accessories for dredgers can solve a variety of issues related to dredging processes, customizing dredging systems according to different application needs. These devices are the result of continuous research and development to ensure the maximum versatility of Dragflow’s dredges.

Through our accessories, it is possible to dredge with less impact on local ecosystems, improve dredge handling, speed up the transfer of dredged materials, and manage every activity related to dredging, to operate safely and efficiently even in the most difficult and complex scenarios.