Dredging operations are fundamental for collecting sediments and their transfer, indispensable processes for maintaining and developing ports, waterways, mining basins, and dams. Dragflow dredging pumps offer the best performance in dredging activities, even in heavy duty and complex contexts.

These are complete integrated dredging systems and submersible slurry pumps that enable the pumping of solids mixed with water efficiently and safely. The Dragflow range includes a wide choice of electric and hydraulic dredging pumps, capable of handling sludge with a solid content of up to 70% by weight.

The range of Dragflow dredging pumps

The Dragflow proposal has high-quality electric and hydraulic dredging pumps, specially made to last over time and work hard in the most challenging applications.

Dragflow hydraulic pumps offer unbeatable resistance and a wide versatility of use, an ideal solution for those who need submersible pumps with agitators for various abrasive types and very high-efficiency loads.

Dragflow electric pumps, on the other hand, offer unparalleled results with an excellent compromise between performance and resistance, with a low rotation speed and optimal application in the industrial and mining fields for lifting and transporting solid material.

The Dragflow range also includes accessories for dredging pumps, specifically designed to customize dredging systems and satisfy every need, obtaining superior performance even in the most demanding and complex contexts.

Applications and advantages of Dragflow dredging pumps

Our dredging pumps are market-leading products, the reference point in many application ambitions where excellent performance and maximum resistance are required.

Dragflow dredging pumps are used to dredge rivers and canals, restore navigability, remove contaminants from the river bed, or maintain river banks.

They are perfect machines for dredging dams to maintain the operational capacity of hydroelectric plants by avoiding the accumulation of sediments through the periodic removal of the material.

Dragflow pumps also make it easier to dredge ports and marinas or clean lakes and ponds. These are convenient, versatile, and reliable solutions for any dredging operation, always obtaining the best result in every context.

Advanced and quality design