Offshore extraction and energy production activities represent a constantly evolving technical challenge. The use of wind and wave energy will make the installation of plants on the high seas more and more frequent. Proper maintenance of offshore platforms and infrastructures is essential in terms of efficiency and reduction of environmental impact.

Dragflow is able to design and produce high depth systems that can be used both for the maintenance of underwater pipelines and for other high depth dredging operations. Our solutions are completely customized according to specific customer requests and have already been successfully adopted in difficult contexts.

Dredges and dredging pumps for trenching operations

Underwater cables and pipelines are usually placed inside a trench in the bottom of the sea. The trench is basically an underwater excavated channel where the cable or pipeline is placed and then covered with protective material.

Dragflow has provided custom solutions for trenching operations with working depths up to 200 m for several of the major offshore contractors worldwide. These solutions can also be used for maintenance operations in underwater pipelines and other structures.

Equipment for windfarm mono pile foundation

Offshore wind energy is becoming more and more important for our society as we move into greener energy. When placing wind turbines offshore, it is mandatory to create a reliable foundation for these offshore monsters to support them in place.

Offshore equipment must endure the extreme pressures found at large depths while at the same time performing precise jobs under some of the tightest safety standards in the world. Dragflow and its offshore division have designed and deployed custom solutions for offshore foundation dredging with some of the biggest energy contractors worldwide.

Our offshore equipment machinery can be employed for the following activities: underwater work, ecological salvage, lock cleaning, caisson and bulkhead emptying, and barge relocation.