Custom solutions.

You have big projects, we have the right equipment.

Dragflow company started in the ’80 as a manufacturer of heavy duty submersible pumps. Today we are globally known for being one of the pumps and dredging systems producers more committed to technological innovation. Many successful projects and customer satisfaction have encouraged us to continue with the research and further development of our products.

Our goal? Provide customized solutions to deal with even the most complex challenges with the right equipment.

Dredging systems for any challenge

We are constantly working for new applications and developing new products. Thanks to our know-how, we create equipment fit to face the challenges of constantly evolving sectors: from dredging to industry, from mining to offshore. Some of our flagship products were born from the experience and ability of our research and development team, while others are the result of the demands of a rapidly changing market that requires adequate responses in a short time.

We design integrated systems

Unlike many other manufacturers, we design our products and accessories as real integrated systems. This allows us to guarantee the stability and effectiveness of our systems. Our pumps can be equipped with side cutters, jet rings, cutting head or many other accessories, depending on the working conditions. Each additional component is designed to work in harmony with the chosen pump or dredger. And if you have already worked with our equipment, you know that this makes the difference.

Quality, technology, people

We are committed to guarantee quality. The products are made to guarantee long life of components and parts subject to wear and to ensure low maintenance and assistance costs. We invest in technology. Our team is constantly developing new products and projects. Almost 5% of the company’s turnover is invested in research and development, making our company one of the most attentive to technological innovation of products. We trust people and believe that the team makes the difference. We like to build long lasting relationships, develop a strong collaboration with our partners and customers.


Our worldwide network

Global coverage

Our network covers the five continents. Our distributors and our partners are carefully chosen to offer, in each country where we are present, the quality of service and attention to the needs of the customer who represent our trademark. Thanks to our widespread network of more than 67 distributors, we can easily overcome logistical problems and make quick interventions. And, when necessary, we are ready to make inspections and tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of our equipment.

Dragflow Network