Versatility, power, and made-in-Italy quality are the characteristics of Dragflow dredges. Sea and river dredging, infrastructure maintenance, cleaning of mining basins, and industrial processes: are just some of the applications for which Dragflow provides effective and cutting-edge solutions.

From the smallest dredges to the most impressive ones, each product is designed to be able to be adapted to customer requests. Our range of dredges allows you to tackle any operation with the certainty of having the best technology available and being able to count on impeccable customer service. Witness the many satisfied customers who have used our dredging systems, experiencing the quality of the products and the promptness of our global network.

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The Dragflow range of high-efficiency dredges

The Dragflow range of dredges offers solutions for any dredging operation. DRH cable dredges are easy-to-handle and easy-to-assemble machines with small dimensions and a high dredging depth for activities in marinas and tailing ponds.

The radio-controlled dredges of the DRP series offer high performance in a compact size, with remote management of the dredging system via wireless remote control and the possibility of automating lake basin cleaning operations.

With the Dragflow amphibious dredges, it is possible to take advantage of floating tracked machinery, able to move even on the most difficult muddy or solid terrains and pump the most complex mixtures thanks to the power of the Dragflow pumps.

Among our solutions, there are also remotely controlled electric or hydraulic dredges, dredges with the telescopic boom of the DRT series, ladder dredges, mini dredges, and our advanced monitoring systems for dredging control using GPS technology.

Dragflow dredges: power, versatility, and efficiency

All Dragflow dredges stand out for their high quality and excellent performance, even in the most complex dredging operations. Each product is specifically developed to meet specific needs, with the possibility of adapting each machine to the characteristics of the project thanks to infinite customization options.

Our complete dredging systems are technologically advanced, allow you to take advantage of the best safety standards, and offer optimal control by the operator. Thanks to modern advanced remote monitoring systems, it is also possible to trace each dredging activity precisely.