Coastal protection with tube technique

United Arab Emirates

Coastal protection with tube technique

Through the distributor Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE), Dragflow supplied two dredging pumps to an international dredging contractor for coastal protection works.


The customer was looking for the best solution for the long-distance pumping of dredged sand into geopipes, within a complex coastal protection project. The contractor was to install three layers of geotextile membrane pipes and fill them with sand along the coast for a stretch of 300 meters. The project required the use of heavy-duty submersible dredging pumps capable of producing a high content of sand to be pumped over the entire distance in the geotubes.


Based on the details of the project, ACE supplied two Dragflow pumps to the construction site: EL60 electric dredging pump and HY85/160 hydraulic dredging pump. ACE engineers and technicians managed the commissioning on site professionally and helped the customer connect the HY85/160 to the long arm excavator. The coastal protection project started and took place quickly thanks to the correct choice of equipment.


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