Dewatering for bridge construction

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Dewatering for bridge construction

Dewatering refers to all activities aimed at draining or removing groundwater or surface water from a riverbed, a construction site, a mine shaft or other contexts. In this specific case, a construction company purchased a Dragflow dredging pump with side cutters and jet-ring system for a civil engineering project. The all-electric dredging unit was necessary for the excavation of the foundations of the supporting pillars inside the river bed. The pump, immersed in water inside the square area delimited by the 4 sheet piles to dig and extract the material on the seabed, created the necessary space for the subsequent casting of reinforced concrete.


The client was looking for an alternative to mechanical excavation with an earth moving machine to remove the material from the river bed. A method to do the job quickly and with greater efficiency. The dewatering with Dragflow pump perfectly met this need.


The solution proposed was a submersible dredging pump with 2 side cutters (EL25 S electric pump and EXEL20 side cutters). The mechanical mixing (created by the High-Chrome agitator) together with the action of the disrupters have dug the river bed creating a mixture of water and solid. The EL25 S was able to pump the sludge in an area designated 80 meters away from the construction site.


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