Dredging in a surface mine


Dredging in a surface mine

For an important dredging in a large open pit mine, Dragflow supplied a cable dredge DRH with HY85/160 pump. The mine, where copper and small quantities of gold and silver are mined, is located in the south western part of the island of Sumbawa, in the district of Sekongkang, province of West NusaTenggara, Indonesia.


The client was looking for a complete dredging equipment for open pit mining. The request was to have a system served as a hydraulic power unit with diesel engine, capable of removing highly concentrated material, to transport it to the open pit mine. The goal was to pump the material deposited in the bottom of the basin in a higher area of the mine, to maintain the capacity of the reservoir. The water in the basin, coming from the extraction plant, had an acidity of about ph3.


The solution proposed by Dragflow consists of a DRH dredge equipped with a HY85/160 HC hydraulic pump, with the addition of two EXHY20 side cutters. The whole system is designed with materials treated to be resistant to water acidity. This dredging unit is capable of pumping up to 800 m³/h of highly concentrated material and at a distance of over 500 meters.


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