Dredging of an artificial lake


Dredging of an artificial lake

Along the Shwegyin River, which is located in the Myanmar region of the same name, an impressive dam was built to exploit the hydroelectric potential of the watercourse. Following this operation a large artificial basin was formed, inserted in the context of a forest still largely untouched.


The river has always been rich in gold, but the research activity inside the artificial basin was too dispersive and difficult. The local communities have therefore decided to equip themselves with an instrument that would make the traditional research activity simpler and more profitable.


Through our local distributor we have proposed the DRH85/160 dredge, easily transportable even in the most remote areas. We have equipped the HY85/160 hydraulic pump with two hydraulic excavators to move the backdrop of the artificial basin, where the gold coming from the river is settling.

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