Dredging of channel prone to silting


Dredging of channel prone to silting

Dragflow has recently supplied a HY85/180 HC hydraulic pump equipped with cutter head to be used for dredging a channel subject to frequent cover-ups.


The only access door of an important nautical center was compromised by the sedimentation of sandy material, making the entry and exit of the boats problematic. The problem of the cover-up of canals and ports is widespread in tourist and commercial structures. The wave motion and the action of the currents can contribute, over time, to making the passages impractical making constant maintenance necessary. In this case, the client’s request was to contain the expense and obtain an agile solution to be used simply, with low assembly and maintenance costs.


Dragflow can count on a remarkable experience of dredging channels. There are several ways to remove excess sediment. We therefore proposed to provide versatile equipment, which could be mounted on the excavator arm, on a crane or on a boat. The installation of the dredging pump will allow the local administration and remediation consortium to safeguard the navigability of the canal.


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