Dredging pumps to support tunnel construction


Dredging pumps to support tunnel construction

The development plan includes 32 projects, six of which are priority, to strengthen the road network between Cairo, Suez, Ismailia and Port Said. The work is aimed at transforming these arteries into expressways, so as to facilitate transportation in the area around the Canal and connect the areas to the capital.


The construction of six tunnels is also planned, including the Ismailia tunnel, which will pass through the canal to connect the east with the west. The project also involves the construction of a tunnel south of Port Said, under the canal, to connect the two parts more easily. A new outlet will also be built to drain the water from the Ismailia Canal, to reach the water treatment plant, located east of the canal, and to contribute to the development of the area.


Dragflow has supplied two high prevalence pumps HY85, each with two excavators EXHY20 to one of the most important suppliers currently engaged in the excavation part for the Suez Canal development project. The pumps work at a depth of 44 meters.


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