Dredging sand from the seabed


Dredging sand from the seabed

Dragflow has supplied a dredging cutter head DTM85, directly connected to the pump HY85 HC for a coastal protection project in Bibione.


In order to counteract erosion, the customer needed to dredge the sand from the seabed and to pump it on the beaches. A coastal protection project for which an excavator was already available.


We have proposed a HY85 HC hydraulic pump and a matching DTM dredging cutter head. The unit thus constituted was mounted directly on the mechanical arm of the excavator already in the customer’s possession. The DTM cutter head can be used in combination with the agitator, which allows to avoid clogging problems to the pump. The dredging head can be used with all Dragflow hydraulic systems and is able to increase efficiency, especially in the presence of hard and compact materials.

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