Electric dredging pump for dam dredging


Electric dredging pump for dam dredging

Dams need constant maintenance in order to keep the capacity of their basins. Here in Dragflow we developed expertise in the field of dam dredging and we can provide the optimized solution for every situation.


Due to the accumulation of debris, the basin of a dam was gradually losing capacity. A mixture of slurry and silt needed to be urgently removed.


We supplied an EL150 electric pump with electric side cutters. Then we assisted the client in the following operations: dry assembly of side cutters on the main pump; dry test of all the machines; check of the correct electric parameters; test in water without discharge pipe; connection of discharge hose and beginning of actual operations. The pump showed to successfully handle a mixture with average density 1,25 t/m³, with a working depth up to 45 m.


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