Extraction of river sand with cable dredge


Extraction of river sand with cable dredge

A cable dredge DRH400 has been successfully used for a sand extraction operation along the Niger River. The dredging system was commissioned by Matag, a Nigerian dredging company, interested in a product capable of increasing its extraction capacity. The company was not only interested in expanding its market, but also in the normalization of the river.


The Niger River has a trend that changes according to the season; the depth increases by 8 meters in the rainy season. With the equipment previously in their possession, customers could only carry out dredging at certain times of the year, because the maximum depth reached was 12 meters. To increase the productivity of sand extraction, Matag needed a dredger that was able to work constantly throughout the year, regardless of seasonality.


Dragflow supplied a DRH400 cable dredge configured to reach a depth of 35 meters, assembled with a HY400 hydraulic pump. The solution offered has made it possible to reduce production costs, without difficulty in operations, allowing the customer to dredge Niger up to a depth of 30 meters.


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