Hydraulic pump for dredging a canal


Hydraulic pump for dredging a canal

A Dragflow pump mounted on the mechanical arm of an excavator has effectively completed the dredging of a channel located in East Germany. The deposits of sands and silts over the years had considerably reduced the canal's depth and navigability. The channel dredging had to take place quickly to reopen it to navigation.


The customer, who had a CAT324 excavator and a floating platform for channel excavation work, was looking for an effective channel dredging solution. In particular, finding a method that avoided the need to load and unload containers of material was necessary, thus reducing costs and project implementation times.


We supplied one HY85 hydraulic pump with two EXHY20 excavators directly mounted on the excavator's arm. The dredging unit is driven now by the excavator power unit. A discharge distance of about 400 m with an hourly production of about 100 m³/h solids made it possible to dredge the channel quickly and restore its navigability within the required times.

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