Pumps for managing oxides in steel mills


Pumps for managing oxides in steel mills

Some Dragflow electric pumps are used inside a steel plant, where they contribute to the correct management of the oxides coming from the de-scaling process.


In steel plants a typical issue to deal with is the management of the oxydes coming from the de-scaling process. This material is very heavy and extremely abrasive and must be collected and separated from water before being re-used.


Since many years Dragflow is continuously supplying pumps to the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Ghent, Belgium. Currently n.16 EL7.5 pumps are running in two different steps of the process. The first 12 pumps collect the material from 6 tanks where the water from the de-scaling is collected and send it to a smaller thank where the water is partially removed. Here other 4 pumps run h24 and finally remove the solid with extremely high concentration (up to 60/70%).

All the pumps are equipped with temperature sensors and dedicated discharge adapter to be mounted on the existing piping system. Thanks to the strong construction of the pumps and the special alloys especially designed for abrasive materials, the life-time of the pumps is longer than any other pump that have been used in this plant.


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