Remote controlled dredge for dredging in a residential area


Remote controlled dredge for dredging in a residential area

A custom-made radio-controlled dredge was used to clean rainwater basins in a residential area. Due to the proximity of houses, too bulky and noisy equipment should be avoided as they would disturb the inhabitants of the area.


The customer had to find a solution to clean the pond by avoiding the use of trucks and excavators. The goal was to minimize the impact on residents and to use for the work a machine that was easily transportable from one pond to another, ecological, very silent and with high performance.


Dragflow has supplied a hydraulic radio-controlled dredge with HY50 and shredding knife to be able to work in the presence of algae and vegetation. The hydraulic power plant was completely silent and equipped with hose reels with 80 m of umbilical oil pipes. The dredge stabilizers were designed to be closed and fit in a standard road trailer. Weight and dimensions have been customized to fit the customer’s maximum truck load and trailer trailer capacity. The hydraulic system works with biodegradable oil in order to respect the highest environmental standards.

A customized technical solution for a specific and demanding application. The dredger will work together with Maccaferri’s Mac-Tube geo-textiles to capture the solids and let the water originally present return to the basin.

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