Remote controlled dredge for dredging industrial sludge


Remote controlled dredge for dredging industrial sludge

A DRP18 radio-controlled dredge was used for dredging industrial sludge inside an important multinational chemical company, with production site in central Italy, Momentive.


Our customer Candeo Agostino had to recover the sludge from the storage of two equalization tanks, to send them to the filter press and follow the subsequent disposal process. The activity had to be carried out without emptying the basin and having the security of safeguarding the waterproof bottom of the tank. Furthermore, it was necessary for the operator to work in extreme and total safety, also in consideration also of the fact that the tank’s ph could have had episodes of high acidity.


Industrial sludge dredging is a delicate operation, but the DRP18 is the right tool even in the most difficult situations. The ability to read the working depth of the pump exactly, together with the ability to remotely control and maneuver the entire dredge, ensuring operator safety, have made the DRP18 Dragflow the optimal solution to customer problems.

This hull has been equipped with an EL7.5 S dredging pump with an increased motor and flow rates up to 100 m³/h. The pump and the floating structure have been protected with acid-proof treatment to guarantee its durability, and an explosimeter has been added to the machine at the request of the end customer. At the beginning of the activity the tank was already full of material accumulated in a few months, but in a few minutes of work the dredger managed to remove the sludge, in the area around it, lowering the level by 2 m.


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