Removal of tunnel excavation materials


Removal of tunnel excavation materials

A custom-built Dragflow pump solved the need to remove excavated materials from a tunnel. The high-speed train network is advancing rapidly in the Northern region of Spain. For the conformation of the territory, the construction projects foresee the construction of numerous bridges and tunnels. The material extracted during the excavation of the tunnels is collected in treatment plants to be processed.


The major problem of this application is the possibility of pumping mixtures with a solid concentration of up to 70%. To complete the pumping operation of the excavated materials, it is also essential to mix the small amount of water on the surface of the collection tanks with the solid.


Dragflow has designed a new machine specifically for this application. A low-capacity EL7.5 SS electric pump with a 9-kW motor, capable of handling up to 70% solids, coupled to two EXHY20 hydraulic excavators to generate the mixture with the surface water.

The two hydraulic excavators were connected to the power pack of a small excavator already on site. A manageable and efficient solution has made it possible to successfully complete the problematic operation relating to the excavated materials of the tunnel.

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