River dredging with an high head pump


River dredging with an high head pump

The Dnipro river is one of the longest rivers in Europe and connects many important places with the Black Sea. Thanks to its wide reach and the passage in numerous port cities, it is suitable for commercial navigation. To improve navigability, ambitious river dredging projects have been launched.


The Nibulon company was looking for the right equipment for river dredging works. The test was decisive: to deepen the Dnipro river bed and the main port structures already operating on the watercourse. The company already had an innovative dredger but needed a powerful and reliable pump to transport dredged material over long distances.


We supplied the brand HY400 HC pump capable of transferring 2400 m³ of material per hour at a distance of 1.5 km. The action of the pump (equipped with a booster station) will allow to deepen the Dnipro river and the aquatic area of ports and terminals to the depths necessary for the effective operation of the fleet operating in these areas.

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